Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Somaliland national interest must be top priority by Abdi Ahmed Digale (Digale)

Somaliland national interest must be top priority by Abdi Ahmed Digale (Digale)

Somaliland national interest must be top priority by Abdi Ahmed Digale (Digale)

Somaliland was established through negotiation and discussions after having separated away from the rest of what so called Somali great regions. Sine its independence from 1991 it has been developing rapidly in terms, education, economy, health, politics security and the other fields related to social aspects. But misfortunately Somaliland now needs for salvage in the political crisis intensifies seriously which may lead the state into catastrophic era. Moreover the ruling party is only danger to Somaliland since it failed to conduct free and fair elections within the intended times

President Riyaale, is behind the political wave crisis shaking whole the country, he and his official elements are practicing the primitive policy and minds which could not give Somaliland a way to exist longer .Riyale administration ignores the Somaliland national interest to be first priority acting as totalitarian leader as Somali former dictator whose authority ended up in harsh and dreadful situation, Somaliland also is likely to go to this way if solution is not brought because the ruling party (UDUB) is committed to either handle the presidential election or to drive Somaliland into dark age keeping up personal interest.

In accordance with situation exists in the country, the nation has to be saved from this uncertain condition concern the presidential election. Though the two opposition political parties (UCID and KULMIYE) are frustrated in the delayed and failed elections yet, they consider the peace, order, development and Somaliland civilization tolerating with every thing happens to them. since the ruling party (UDUB) failed to hold presidential election peacefully within three times, this will probably generate a dispute in the region, thus I call for all the Somaliland intellectuals, the two houses of parliament, elders, business men and educated people to come up with plan and solution through in order to solve the outstanding rift, and political misunderstanding among the political parties.

It became surprise and shameful matter to every body to see mediators coming from outside world to mediate the political parties while the people of Somaliland have a long tradition and experience of solving their problems by their own. Moreover the ruling party loses the ideology of patriotism for the state where it treats with the masses and even the right wing political parties offensively concentrating merely to maintain its interest and power in the government, but to act such way is not the characteristic of good leadership but illiterate and non-patriot people do like this. On the other hand, the two opposition political parties watch the situation creating no any problem or harmful issue among the people but they are frustrated in the delayed elections. Anyhow, Somaliland national interest must be top priority

By Digale
Pakistan Islamabad

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