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September 27, 2009.

A Four-Step Plan to Destroy Somaliland
Many Somalilanders, living in the country and abroad, have been warning the nation for several years that president Riyaale is not committed to Somaliland cause for independence but he is a committed betrayer who is digging deep grave for Somaliland sovereignty and recognition to destroy it for Somalia. The sequence of the subversive, political developments in Somaliland undoubtedly prove that what has been warned of before has materialized. Dahir Riyaale is a national traitor whose dictatorship has nothing to do for power-love but for bringing down Somaliland. Dahir Riyaale, his supporters, and foreign conspirators, who are in the treason together, have been plotting against Somaliland independence since the beginning of his wrongful presidency in 2003 with the final objective of plunging Somaliland into civil wars to create a situation similar to that of Somalia where lawlessness and anarchy reign for 19 years. These anti-Somaliland groups believe that civil wars is the only weapon to kill the dreams of Somaliland people for independent Somaliland assuming that it would create a desperate situation that leaves Somaliland people no option or choice other than reuniting with Somalia unconditionally.

Dahir Riyaale, Ismael Gelleh, the dictator-at-dusk of Djibouti, and the changing leaders of the failed state of Somalia have been involved in a Destroy-Somaliland-plan for the last 7 years. This devised political conspiracy against Somaliland independence has four-step plan designed to succeed in bringing down Somaliland. To succeed in killing Somaliland independence, the order of this Four-Step Plan to Destroy Somaliland is set up as follows:-

1. Discarding and abandoning Somaliland constitution to create a subversive dictatorship in the country eliminating the powers of the judicial and legislative branches and blocking or disrupting their constitutional services with coercive police force.

2. Ruining and bankrupting Somaliland economy with massive corruptions and bribes to weaken national sustainability, survivability and viability so that the country can not stand on its own feet.

3. Undermining and secretly fighting Somaliland recognition during visits to foreign countries creating suspicion and hesitation in countries that would otherwise recognize Somaliland. The country would be recognized by now if not damaged.

4. Holding onto the power of the country blocking presidential elections with all costs and with limitless term extensions by bribed Guurti members until civil wars are created in the country that turn it into failed state where violence and anarchy reign so that Somaliland people live in despair that forces them to reunite with violent Somalia unconditionally. Riyaale`s deafening silence about Eil Bardaale armed clashes is a part of this conspiratorial plan.

It is clear now that the traitor, Dahir Riyaale, and his anti-Somaliland groups, with the help of worthless penny-chasers who do not care the people and the country, have succeeded in carrying out the first three steps of the Four-Step Plan to Destroy Somaliland and now they are actively involved in implementing the fourth step. Without the existence of this Four-Step Plan to Destroy Somaliland, Somaliland would never be in the current heart-breaking political situation. Because Dahir Riyaale is committed to bring down Somaliland, he has to reject all national and international calls to respect the constitution of the country and he has to purposefully breach all agreements intended to solve the political impasse. One should not or must not expect that Dahir Riyaale and cronies are willing to hold fair presidential elections in the country knowing what they have done to it.

The only solution to save Somaliland from total destruction is, as recommended by many, to immediately remove Daahir Riyale and his regime from power as soon as possible with an organized and prepared popular uprising (Kacdoon Qaran) led by the Opposition Parties and other opposition movements targeting the residences, offices, and barracks of clan-based presidential police of Dahir Riyale and his regime. Now it is time to choose liberating uprising over killing silence. It is the nationalistic, patriotic duty of the armed forces and police to support the national uprising for Somaliland salvation. After removing Dahir Riyaale from power, the Opposition Parties have to form an interim government of national consensus that restores Somaliland reputation around the world and that paves the way for democratic presidential and parliamentary elections in one year.

During this struggle for Somaliland cause, Somaliland politicians and writers should be careful of using statements like: “It is the end of Somaliland”, “It is the beginning of Somaliland destruction”, “It is over for Somaliland.” Somaliland is a country and a nation and will survive well the current unfavorable situation. This nation survived the atrocities of Siyad Barre`s Regime and will defeat the current treasonous regime headed by Dahir Riyaale, even if necessary with the sacred blood of its sons and daughters as done before. No nation disappears from the surface of the Earth but sometimes faces difficult time. These statements will only give political victory to the enemies of Somaliland and it is wise to stop. Long Live Somaliland!.
Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
September 27, 2009.

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